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Binh Ton-That, Mortgage Broker 
NMLS: 1321945
Gold Star Mortgage


Binh believes that the American dream isn't just owning a home, it's owning the home free and clear of any debt. He helps families achieve the true American dream by teaming with real estate professionals to provide the most competitive options and complete transparency to buyers selecting the right mortgage to achieve their goals faster. Binh specializes in helping individuals find, qualify for and own the home of their dreams with little or no money down, even with less than perfect credit!

Avani Mangrolia Loan Officer


Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group

Cell: 510-516-1315 , Efax: 510-405-8494


With Over 12 years of experience in Mortgage industry and passionate about helping clients every step of the way to ensure their needs are met while adhering to high standards of excellence. My primary responsibility is to work with clients to determine the best home loan option(s) for their personal situation. My style is more consultative and I enjoy guiding clients through the home loan process, from pre-qualification to funding and beyond. Communication is key to creating a positive experience and I strive to ensure my clients understand the expectations from start to finish.