China tells developers: Stop giving things embarrassing Western names

In China, places like Manhattan Plaza, Central Park, Yuppie International Condos, Merlin Champagne Town and Thames Town might soon be looking for new names.

Property developments with Western names have become common throughout China, where realtors and developers say that American, British and French names evoke sophistication and help attract status-conscious buyers. While the trend has long amused foreigners living in China, the government in Beijing considers it a real threat to the country’s “sovereignty” and “national dignity.” 

24 Months In A Row: VA Mortgage Rates Beat All Others


VA Loans Can Lower Your Mortgage Rate

For mortgage applicants with a military background, it can be downright cheap to get a loan.

Current mortgage rates are down since the start of 2016 for all loans types -- conventional, FHA, VA, USDA and jumbo -- but, if you're a military borrower, you'll get access to interest rates below what's available to civilians.

Are Mortgage Rates Today Moving Higher or Lower?


What's Impacting Today's Rates?

Today's mortgage rates are higher.

Stronger than expected housing data caused MBS to decline this morning. April New Home Sales jumped 17% to an annual rate of 619K, far above the consensus of 525K, to the highest level since January 2008.

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The Seniors Housing Sector is Maturing

By Beth Burnham Mace 

The seniors housing sector that we know today largely started in the 1980s and 1990s. It grew out of the need for housing and care for seniors whose adult daughters were joining the workforce at a rapid rate and could not be home to take care of their aging parents. In the years since then, the sector has more fully emerged and matured, and today it has become a more institutionally-accepted asset type in which to invest.

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‘My friend is a Realtor’: 7 killer comebacks

Comebacks that could help you snag clients

By Teke Wiggin @

There are around two million active real estate agents in the U.S. That’s roughly equal to the combined number of active and reserve U.S. military personnel.

So it’s no wonder that agents must often confront a frustrating objection from prospective clients: “But my friend is a Realtor.”

Ethics Violators in the Spotlight

California’s five-year pilot program could lead to expanded enforcement of the REALTORS® Code nationally.


The California Association of REALTORS® is set to dramatically expand the publication of information about its members found in violation of the National Association of REALTORS®’ Code of Ethics. The NAR Board of Directors approved in May a five-year pilot program that includes publishing names and photos of the members and a summary of the violations on a website accessible only to association members. The statewide database is expected to be up and running in August.

How Long Does It Take Buyers With Student Loans to Afford a Home?

With the exception of successful college dropouts like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Lady Gaga, most college graduates rake in more money over a lifetime than those who never finish their degrees. But those pieces of paper can come at a steep price: the dream of buying a home in the near future.

Clare Trapasso Via

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   The founder of a popular for-sale by owner Web site used a real estate broker to help sell his 2,000-square-foot, two-bedroom New York apartment after it lingered on the market for six months. Colby Sambrotto, the founder and former chief operating officer of, tried to sell the property himself by listing it online and through classified ads, but after six months of it sitting on the market, he sought the help of a real estate broker.


Source: “DIY Guru Gets Broker Help,” The Wall Street Journal (Aug. 3, 2011)

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How to Address Transgender Bathroom Issues

North Carolina’s so-called “bathroom law,” which requires individuals to use restrooms corresponding to the sex they were assigned at birth rather than their gender identity, has prompted questions over what responsibilities businesses and employers have to accommodate the preferences of transgender people. 


DAILY REAL ESTATE NEWS | FRIDAY, MAY 13, 2016 —Graham Wood, REALTOR® Magazine

It's 'Game On' for the 30 Under 30 Class of 2016

Members of the 2016 class of 30 Under 30 take nothing for granted. Most entered the business after the financial crisis, with distressed sales, low inventories, and tight lending standards as their reality. Their success shows hard work can overcome any obstacle. Buyers and sellers, with all their technology, may come into the market thinking they know it all. But with capable, dedicated professionals like these by their side, they’ll surely see the irreplaceable value of a real estate professional.


The Art of Quick Sales Scripts #1

Article Entry courtesy of REALTOR®MAG

The Builder You Hope to Represent Asks: "Why haven't you brought any of your clients to see my development?"

You Say: "I can understand why you'd ask that, and if I were in your postition I'd probably ask that too. The truth is, in order to catch the mice you have to have the cheese, and your houses are the cheese that bring the buyers in. Eighty percent of sales are done between the fifth and 12th contact with a client. I have the systems in place to follow up with potential buyers. Let me tell you more about it..."
— Jared James, CEO and Founder of Jared James Enterprises,