Q: What does it cost me to subscribe?

A: There is no cost for subscribing.

Q: How often do you expect to update and new additional PodCast?

A: At the present time it is our goal to add 3 to 5 podcast for week. Depending on the level of knowledge and expertise of our presenters and panelist, we may add as many as 10 to 15 PodCast pre week due to the extent of subjects we anticipate covering. Clearly part of this will be predicated upon the demand of our members.

Q: You state this has been designed primarily for REALTORS® with designations, as a newer or lower producing agent will there be any value for me to become a member?

A: Absolutely, consider this the training ground for the top producers of the future being presented by the top producers of the present! The primary focus is to “Raise Productivity, Increase Profitability, Improve Time-Management and Enhance the Professionalism of our Industry.” If this is a goal that you aspire to then becoming a member would seem to be a “no brainer”!

Q: When are the podcast's available?

A: Once recorded and posted they will be available to access any time on any kind of system; smartphone, IPad or laptop/desktop computer for 3 days.Then they are moved to a Member PodCast Link for 30 to 60 days. Finally, will be moved to and filed in the archived section, by category and subject for members’ review at any later date/time.

Q: I am an experienced, productive agent presently, what would be the value for me to join the membership to listen to these PodCast?

A: If you truly are an experienced agent, then you already know; that nobody knows everything about every market, at every time, with every category of client and every market cycle. Also you know that with every market cycle in different market areas, that not only the client’s needs, but the lenders or government will “continue to move the cheese”. Any person can learn from their own experiences, it takes a wise person to learn from the experience ofothers. Someone else insight into a situation may provide you with a better, faster answer to your situation! REMEMBER: just one idea, one closing pays for a very long term!

Q: Given my years of experience in the business why should I paid to listen to others may be less successful than myself?

A: The One idea that closes one transaction that would not otherwise have closed will pay for a member’s membership fee for many years into the future. Imagine for a moment that IF you can get an idea every year or every quarter or maybe even every month that would give you one additional transaction, that would seem to make the membership fee a “no brainer”! Additionally, once you have heard and implement a new idea or an idea that you have not been effective with in the past that knowledge and skill become yours basically forever.