How To Bring Potential Clients To Your Real Estate Site

All top real estate agents can agree that a well structured website does wonders for getting a potential client to pursue an interest in your services.  

What many wont tell you is how to get the clients to your page in the first place. Here are quick pointers to start building a following and getting your web traffic up to par. 

By Bradley Conners | The Real Estate Brains

1. Reach out on social. 

Social media is the first frontier many agents rely on for prospecting. It's easy to use interface and database of well over a million Realtors® means your only a status post away from attracting a large audience to your website. Keep in mind that your content should be relative to your business if you want to have a positive outcome for your business and not just your social stature.

Finding new groups to join, creating a business page and answering questions are all great ways to promote your site.


2. Improve Your SEO

Even when reaching out personally to potential clients it is still important that they are able to find you on their own. If you were to go on Google and search for general terms related to your business, you may be disheartened to find your site is nowhere near the first page of results that show. Along with time, your SEO is how these search engines find your content by pulling keywords from your pages and blog posts and ranking them among the waves of other sites competing for the same attention. 

To improve your searchability, go through your website and apply keywords to the headings of your pages and blog posts. Do not be too general as you will be hard pressed to find yourself among top search results with the key word "real estate". 

Over time the number of visitors to your site will grow and as a result your ranking will go up in popular search engines. If you want to gain a head start, sites like are a great way to get an initial visitor count that can benefit your SEO and grow your reach.

3. Don't Be Afraid To "Partner Up"

Gaining web popularity is an uphill battle as the internet becomes more saturated with content. This means that sometimes you may need to bring in help to improve your site rankings and gain new traffic. Chances are there are site's with similar business structures to yours and most of these sites have contact information where you can get in touch with the owner of the site who are more than willing to "trade" promotional postings. For instance if you run a blog, mention them in one of your postings and they will likely do the same if you run it by them first.

Along with these steps, the biggest key to your success is persistence. As long as you stay true to your word and operate your business above expectations then only time will be the remaining factor to your success. 

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