6 Easy Ethical Slip-Ups

Bruce Aydt, REALTOR® Magazine columnist and real estate ethics instructor, receives hundreds of questions a year from REALTORS® who are confronting various ethical dilemmas. Here are some of the most prevalent problems that he's seen in the past year.

APRIL 2011 | BY BRUCE AYDT Via Realtormag.org


  1. Not revealing your state of licensure. On your Web site, you need to include a note disclosing the state in which you hold your real estate license. The note could say something like "Licensed in Illinois," "Illinois Licensee," or "Illinois Broker."
  2. Blogging or tweeting without making company affiliation evident. In any real estate–related communications on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites, you must include your company name in the posting or make it accessible via a link back to your company name (like your username’s link to a profile page). Your company name also must appear in all advertisements.