A Higher Bar to Professionalism

NAR President Steve Brown highlights three ways to raise the bar in the real estate industry.

MARCH 2014 | BY STEVE BROWN Via Realtor.org

Wherever I go, the question I’m most frequently asked is, “How do we raise professionalism in our industry?” This is the way I see it: 

  1. We raise the bar of professionalism by aspiring to a higher degree of excellence everywhere, holistically improving all parts of the industry and organized real estate. Each REALTOR® association—local, state, and national—must provide its members with every program and service their membership entitles them to. Sometimes in assessing an association’s work, a criteria of “minimum standards” is set forward as a guideline to judge performance. But what REALTOR® goes on a listing call and tells potential clients, “I am here to guarantee you minimum service”? Every one of our associations must provide all of the services REALTORS® need so they can be more effective and professional in their business. Likewise for REALTORS®, they must constantly seek to raise the bar to please their customers.