The Mortgage Minimizer/Equity Builder is a powerful client follow-up tool as well as a service which enhances client relationship development and boosts prospecting by building relationships prior to the prospect wanting or needing the real estate professional’s services.

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Professional Edition: How does it work?


(1.)  Each Mortgage Minimizer is “custom branded” for the real estate professional.  Once the professional provides this “value-added service” to their client or prospect that client will personalize it for their personal use.  The client can use it not only on the subject property that initiated the relationship, but any future property that they may acquire or one-day future loans or refinances. 

(2.) When the professional implements the monthly drip system, an integral part of the first year’s subscription, the client will be reminded who is providing them with this unique financial opportunity.

(3) Additionally, because of the “custom branding” for the professional, once the client has developed the habit of utilizing this concept their professional will be promoted every month at no additional cost for the term of the relationship.

(4) The product is designed to allow the client to share freely with friends and family and co-workers, while the “branded” professional continues to be an inherent part of future individuals uses.



The Mortgage Minimizer/Equity Builder is the single most powerful tool currently available in the real estate industry today.  While providing a truly “value-added service” to the client, it positions the client to build equity faster, to become debt free sooner and position the client to reach their goals, dreams and desires in a manner not previously provided.  


One additional benefit is that while almost all homeowners understand the basic concepts of the amortized mortgage, very few including many professionals, do not understand the true implementation, impact and value related to the specifics of the individual’s loan and the benefits incurred.

Additionally, real estate for many Americans can become a great opportunity for them to develop a self-controlled and for one P type of retirement account should that option not be available in their employment positions.

From a real estate professionals’ viewpoint, the ability to use a fresh new tool to introduce their knowledge and skills and services vs. the old tired worn-out scripts that have evolved over the last 20 to 30 years and to do this in an extremely economical manner.  Once the professional subscribed to the service they can use it with as many clients as often as desired and encourage their clients to share and refer them to the professional for other related real estate services.


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