The Mortgage Minimizer/Equity Builder™ is a powerful tracking and management system for monitoring and managing your real estate mortgage loan to optimize benefits can minimize errors in the servicing process & potentially save you thousands of $$$ of interest!.

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Homeowners Edition: How does it work?

While many, hopefully most potential & existing homeowners understand the basic concept of the amortized mortgage.  They know that should they accelerate their principle payments they will save calculated interest.  Those same homeowners do not know which specifically what the dollar amount save, the rate at which they save and the payment term reduction that will occur.   The Mortgage Minimizer does that and more!



 First,  a homeowner can do a periodic “what if” scenario to illustrate that calculated savings that would occur should they make the specific pre-paid each and every month for the remaining term of their loan.

Second, homeowner by posting a payment each and every month (even posting $0 when no additional prepayment) can confirm and document the payment history should the servicing of the loan be transferred or sold (over 70% of there are represented to occur during this process or the miss posting of principle payments to an impound account).

Third, the program provides for the option, when posting, to vary the amount of any prepayment and can calculate the saving & term reduction instantly.

Next, the program allows the homeowner to plan and position themselves to; first, increase their equity while saving interest and second, to develop the habit of applying more disposable income to their future goals of either “moving up” to their dream home or becoming “debt free”.

All of the above will enhance their financial mortgage knowledge and position them for a more beneficial financial future.



There is no cost to the homeowner as it is a ‘value-added service’ provided by a real estate professional, either; their agent, their lender or a financial planner.


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If your agent, lender, financial planner or casualty insurance agent do not have the Mortgage Minimizer System,

you can visit - mortgage minimizer to acquire a copy and begin saving today!