John T Altman

  An award-winning agent and active educator for the local REALTOR® Association (SDAR), John believe's that every agent who enters the business has an opportunity, given they're willing to pay the price for their dreams, to have those dreams achieved.

    John became actively involved in real estate in the mid-sixties while serving in the Navy during the Vietnam era.  Initially his career started in property management leading next to investing and what today is known as ‘flipping’ of single-family homes.  By the mid-seventies he had attained his real estate license and quickly became a top producing agent.  By the end of that decade he had become a state certified instructor in several disciplines presenting classes through two universities and junior colleges.

      During the mid-eighties, John developed an educational program for a bank owned large regional real estate franchise, then advanced to Southern California Regional Director.  This was prior to the banking problems that occurred during the late eighties, at which time he returned to the residential sales force.

     After 9/11, while continuing as an active working broker/agent, John set his goals to pass forward the knowledge gain over the years which helped him to achieve the financial and life success.  This has allowed him to successfully share his over 40 years of experience.   One of these past ‘student’ is the very successful speaker/coach Brian Buffini.


Rich McCain

    Throughout his career, Rich McCain has become well known as a business expert and entrepreneur, primarily in the restaurant and real estate business. Rich was owner and managing partner for 19 very successful restaurants, a position that required a great deal of travel and long hours, but a position he enjoyed. 

    After 22 years of a lucrative and enjoyable career in the food and beverage business and dealing with 2 divorces, Rich decided he wanted to move onto better opportunities. He became a Marketplace Consultant with Creative World Wide Media where he served as president of the company and later accepted a position as National Sales Director for Pacific Marine. Although Rich had become very successful in his career, he decided he wanted a business of his own. 

     Rich recognized the need for agents and brokers to build their businesses based upon, and compounding upon, existing relationships.  For two years, Rich traveled throughout the United States speaking to Realtors, Mortgage Brokers and affiliates, showing them how to make the most of their existing businesses.

    Today, Rich McCain and John Altman have developed entrepreneurial  ventures such as RE Coaching and now they have partnered again to share their real estate knowledge along with interviewing top agents and trainers in America on The Real Estate Brains Podcast.